Mobile On-Site Collection



Mobile Services: Collections Made Convenient

No matter where your employee is working, we collect the specimen with our Mobile Service or at your place of business.

CCM’s Mobile Services greatly reduce the time required for employees to complete their drug test requirements. By scheduling our technicians for Mobile Services or at your workplace, you eliminate valuable time lost to travel and waiting at collection facilities.

Our professionally trained and certified technicians ensure federal procedures are adhered to with every substance of abuse test administered; this ensures the integrity of the specimens and dignity of the donor.

You’re paying employees to work, shouldn’t they be working?

  • When employees leave the workplace for a drug test off-site, you lose a valuable employee
  • With average travel times of one hour round-trip, wait times of twenty minutes and collection times of ten minutes, the average time-cost of a drug test is ninety minutes
  • CCM’s certified technicians come to your business, completing collections in as little as fifteen minutes
  • CCM’s DOT compliant Mobile Service collection unit is available to conduct on-site collections when necessary
  • With a technician on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our customers can schedule the Mobile Services for all of their testing needs.