As many of you know by now (hopefully), beginning July 1, 2018, all DOT mandated drug tests must be done using the new chain of custody and control form. This is just one of the new changes to the DOT testing program, but it’s never too early to start preparing!
If you’re one of our clients utilizing out-of-network facilities for DOT drug testing, or if you plan on setting up any new locations for future DOT testing, please make sure to notify CCM of any changes as soon as possible. As we approach July (The deadline for converting to the new CCF), it will become increasingly important for CCM to ensure compliance at all collection sites being used by our clients.
Some CCM in-network collection sites are currently using electronic chain of custody and control forms (eCCF) to perform DOT urine collections. If your company is using a collection site which currently utilizes the eCCF for DOT collections, the possibility of using expired chain of custody and control forms in the future is eliminated. Along with eliminating the possibility of expired forms being used, there are many more benefits to using the electronic chain of custody and control form:

1. You will no longer have to keep paper copies of drug tests on file- all eCCF collections are stored and synced locally and online.
2. No such thing as bad handwriting- eliminates issues of illegible handwriting.
3. Largely reduces the possibility of collector mistakes, as the eCCF requires all fields to be completed before completing a collection.
4. Safety program managers can monitor the status of a specimen online 24/7/365, saving countless phone calls/emails to confirm the status of a specimen.