Online Resources

NCADA is the place to turn for matters related to alcohol and drugs.

A drug abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery resource to help parents and caregivers effectively address alcohol and drug abuse with their teens and young adults.

A service of the National Institute on Drug Abuse offering information on increasingly popular “club drugs” such as MDMA (Ecstasy), GHB, Rohypnol, ketamine, methamphetamine and LSD.

Devoted to helping reduce substance abuse and gun violence.

Helping individuals suffering from substance abuse, and working to prevent new cases

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Consumer Affairs’ guide to evaluating drug and alcohol rehab facilities

Drugs, Medications, & Other Substances

There are many different categories of drugs — including illegal drugs, prescription medications, benzos, opioids, pain relievers, psychedelics, stimulants, antidepressants, and others. Some substances are addictive, while others are not. However, people can still abuse and/or misuse non-addictive substances.

Prescription for Disaster: How Teens Abuse Medicine

This guide will help the reader understand and identify the current medications teens abuse. It is not all-inclusive and every dosage unit or generic form of the medications cannot be listed due to space constraints and the frequent introduction of new drugs.

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic: Opioid Abuse in America

Overview of how the opioid epidemic is impacting the U.S., along with information and resources for those seeking to understand the signs and effects of opioid use. Includes definitions, statistics, and resources about current research and legislation seeking to help prevent opioid abuse.

Substance Abuse in Veterans

Studies show that service members experience substance abuse at a much higher rate than non-veterans. We want to make sure every veteran, and their family, has the resources to recover from addiction.

CBD Awareness Project

CBD is a legal, non-psychoactive cannabinoid which can aid in addiction recovery.

Nationwide directory of Employee Assistance Program and Substance Abuse Professional providers and consultants in the United States.

National clearinghouse for alcohol and drug information.

Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance

The Secretary of Transportation established the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance to develop policy, provide guidance and offer consultation on drug and alcohol issues within the transportation industry.

ACLS Training Center

Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart

Dangers of Study Drugs in College

College can leave students feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Students may turn to study drugs–misused prescription stimulants–to help them get through their work. However, study drugs aren’t the miracle drugs they are sometimes made out to be.

College Resource Center – Substance Abuse in College

Comprehensive resource looks at the causes of substance abuse, its effects, its warning signs, and about getting help. Covers both alcohol and other substances of abuse.

Most Dangerous Days for DUIs

Whether you’re driving alone late at night or picking the kids up from school, you’ve likely seen unsettling driving behavior that’s made you wonder: “Am I sharing the road with a drunk driver?” Certain days are significantly more dangerous on the roads than the rest of the year.

Drunk Driving Criminals: Stats, Risks, and Consequences

It’s no surprise that drinking and driving don’t mix, but even so, many people still do it. Drunk driving goes by different names in different states – driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, or impaired driving. But the definition is the same throughout the US: Drunk driving is when a person operates a motor vehicle while exceeding the legal blood-alcohol limit. And it’s a crime.