We Call It Integrated Data Management. You’ll Call It A Solution.

Dr. Jonathon Hayes, CCM’s Medical Review Officer and emergency room physician at Saint Luke’s Hospital believes, “As the drug testing industry transitions to digital, customer expectations will change.”

An increasing demand for centralized management and access to results information is coming from employers who want faster access to their laboratory results. This has placed a growing, unprecedented demand upon TPA’s to provide clients they serve with improved access to that information.

Our approach? Integrated Data Management.
The end result? Complete test results information when and where it’s needed.


  • Direct Access to Certified MRO
  • Assistant and Staff
  • Rapid Review and Release of Results
  • Expedited Communication with Donors

At CCM (Clinical Collection Management), we centralize results information for the employer, eliminating extra steps to access information generated by laboratory applications and original documents.

This intuitive and efficient process offers the TPA optimal results management.

With twenty-one years as a TPA, CCM has collected and released hundreds of thousands of results – data which must be kept secure. Our high standards of information security technology include:

  • Document Management System
  • Data Security Management
  • 24/7 Monitoring